A Transformed Smile In One, Two, Three Steps With Porcelain Veneers For Teeth In Alpharetta, GA

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We truly care about the appearance of your smile. Along with the team at Alpharetta Smile Care, Dr. Doug Worful sees every day how cosmetic improvements positively impact patients’ lives. Confidence is exuded through their smiles. They stand a little taller, speak and laugh without holding back, and are generally more self-assured. These life-enhancing transformations are often courtesy of a popular dental treatment, porcelain teeth veneers, availablein Alpharetta, GA at our Bethany Village office.

Porcelain veneers

Modern dental ceramics, such as porcelain, are highly valued for their lifelike properties. They closely replicate the appearance of natural tooth enamel in their translucency and light-reflecting capacity. Additionally, dental porcelain is stain-resistant and durable.

Veneers in 1, 2, 3 steps

These thin shells of dental porcelain are applied and bonded to the prepared tooth structure. In this manner, they cover up cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections include chips, surface irregularities, discoloration that resists professional whitening treatments, worn-down or “too-short” teeth, and irregularly-shaped teeth. They may also be appropriate to disguise gaps or other minor spacing issues.

If Dr. Worful determines you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers (or indirect veneers), you can largely expect the following steps in the process:

  • Preparing the natural teeth – The surface of each tooth to be treated is slightly reduced. So, once the veneer is placed on top of the prepared tooth, it won’t stick out too much. To give you an idea as to how much of the enamel is removed, modern veneers are about as thick as a fingernail or contact lens.
  • Preparing the veneers – Impressions of the prepared natural teeth are taken. These models of your teeth are used by lab ceramicists to make your veneers. So, each veneer will be precisely fabricated to your specifications.
  • Placing the veneers – Once your veneers are completed by our lab, you’ll return to Alpharetta Smile Care. Dr. Worful removes the temporary veneers that may have been worn to protect prepared teeth. The permanent veneers are then applied to the teeth. Before they are bonded securely in place, Dr. Worful assures they fit well and look and feel great, like your natural and healthy teeth. Final adjustments are made as needed.

Patients appreciate that porcelain veneers can last for years with good oral hygiene and visits to our office. Our team can also discuss other ways to keep your veneers looking and functioning great. It’s important to refrain from any habits that can damage them, such as chewing your fingernails or opening packages with your teeth.

To find out more about veneers and alternatives to boost your smile and confidence, schedule an appointment at our office. Call (678) 762-1601.

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