Keep Your Natural Teeth Healthy Beautiful; Proactive Gum Disease Treatment In Alpharetta, GA

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Dr. Doug Worful gets great joy from revealing beautiful, healthy smiles in partnership with his patients. Built on consistent professional cleanings and check-ups, this relational approach helps to prevent one of the primary causes of tooth loss: gum disease. Likewise, gum disease treatment in Alpharetta, GA is proactive. Alpharetta Smile Care detects and intervenes in the disease process early. So, we can more effectively halt the progression of the disease, and resolve it. Damage that occurs in the earliest stages of gum disease can also be reversed.


Early-stage inflammation of the gums may be addressed with modest adjustments to home hygiene techniques. Specific risks that you may have for gingivitis must be addressed; for instance, gum disease presents yet another reason to stop using tobacco products. Or, if you have chronic dry mouth, we can suggest products that moisturize or stimulate saliva, a natural cleanser. During routine appointments, our team demonstrates techniques to make cleaning between your teeth easier and more effective. Since crooked teeth and worn restorations are also risk factors for gum disease, we’ll discuss orthodontic and restorative treatments to manage these threats to good oral health.


More advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, demands prompt care. Depending on your specific needs, such as the “stage” of periodontitis, we may recommend “deep cleaning.” Scaling or root planing removes bacteria and hardened plaque that lurks underneath gum tissue. Additionally, the surfaces of the tooth roots are smoothed. So, they don’t attract tartar and pathogens. These techniques support healing and the reattachment of the gums that support teeth. Antibiotics may be prescribed to clear infections and eliminate infection-producing bacteria.

The most conservative treatment to effectively resolve disease is preferred. The exact form and function of natural tissues can’t be replicated in a lab. Plus, whenever possible, we want to minimize trauma and side effects. We welcome partnering with you and your family, proactively and consistently. Call (678) 762-1601 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Doug Worful at Alpharetta Smile Care. We are conveniently located, just off Highway 9 North and Bethany Bend.

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