Tips For Getting Kids Started On Healthy Dental Hygiene

Getting your child hooked on good dental hygiene can help them have a healthy mouth for life. Cavities aren’t a foregone conclusion. Kids dentist Dr. Doug Worful at Alpharetta Smile Careoffers dentistry for children to help kids in Alpharetta, Georgia area develop healthy oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

Here are some tips to help parents get their kids started on healthy dental hygiene:

Set Up a Routine

You can make it easy to teach your child how to care for their teeth and gums by setting a schedule and sticking to it. When you create a routine to follow in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening, you teach the importance of brushing and flossing. Having a routine makes it easier to remember what to do.

Make Brushing Fun

Make it fun. Play music about dental care. Kids love music, and you can find funny children’s songs about brushing and flossing.

Let Them Pick Out the Toothbrush

Take them shopping for dental hygiene equipment like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Let your child pick it all out. Just make sure that the toothpaste received ADA approval. Your child might choose a bright-colored brush or one with their favorite cartoon character on it.

Have Them Join You in Brushing

Teach them the routine by letting them see you do it. Have your kids brush their teeth while you brush yours. When your child sees you do something, they typically want to try it, too. Knowing this, we can teach children good or bad habits quickly. Teach them a great habit – one of the best dental care – by showing them how you care for your teeth.

Make It Easier to Do Alone

Make it easy for them to do it themselves. Your bathroom sink might be too high for your kid to reach, so install a step stool for them. This small step lets them stand in front of the sink to correctly brush while looking in the mirror, so they can make sure to brush their back teeth and crevices.

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Kids Dentist in Alpharetta

Teaching kids to brush and floss is easier than you might think. They love copying grownups, so when you make dental care a fun priority, they will, too.

It is also necessary that your kids are taken for regular checkups to monitor their oral development and ensure that there are no issues. Dr. Doug Worful has various options available for residents of Alpharetta regarding dentistry for children. Call Alpharetta Smile Care today at (678) 762-1601 to schedule an appointment.

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