How Dr. Worful’s 3D Smile Simulation Can Help Patients

When you visit Dr. Doug Worful‘s Dentist Office in Alpharetta for braces, Invisalign, or tooth bonding, he creates a 3D simulation of your mouth. Using this simulation provides him with a current 3D model of your mouth from which to work and a starting point to create simulations of how your dental work will look after the dentist completes the procedures.

3D Simulations Help Build Patient Confidence

The process of creating this 3D model of your teeth isn’t just for the dentist. While the dental previews help them plan your customized treatment, the 3D models also help you, the patient. According to patient surveys, seeing the 3D model and the ensuing dental simulations of progress can help the patient feel more confident about starting the treatment. It boosts their self-confidence about the procedure and its potential outcome.

Mapping Potential Progress

While you receive your results quickly with teeth bonding, braces, or Invisalign, which takes a much larger time commitment, Dr. Worful creates these digital 3-D images as a map of the different stages of teeth positioning. You might be surprised to learn that with Invisalign, the dentist does not move all your teeth at one time using the aligners. Dr. Worful, a Gold-plus Invisalign provider, typically creates a plan to straighten two at a time; this process requires about one year of treatment for an adult. Teens wear the aligners longer – about the same length as metal braces – two to three years.

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Your teeth differ from the next person’s, so your treatment may not progress as quickly as the 3D models simulated. Don’t worry about that because it just means it will take a little longer to straighten them. Your dentist works with you until your straightening process completes.

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