A Message from Dr. Doug Worful: Building relationships, doing good for (and in) our community

At Alpharetta Smile Care, relationships matter and doing good is more than something we say – it’s what we do and how we approach every aspect of our practice. We build relationships not only with our patients, but also with those organizations that are defined by their service to others. We, for one, don’t take the responsibility of tending to this wonderful community’s health needs lightly; it is a privilege to restore or enhance an individual’s well-being. And those efforts are multiplied when we partner with mission-focused organizations, in neighborhoods and communities near and far.

It was just such a partnership that found me, hundreds of flight miles away, in Guatemala. Over the course of this medical mission trip, I had the great pleasure of helping my new friends smile comfortably and without embarrassment again. Seeing our work on the faces of those patients was incredibly satisfying. But it was no match for the gratitude that they expressed. Sometimes, people just want to know that they matter, to have someone be present for them, to feel significant and safe. I was honored to take on that role.

The core values of Alpharetta Smile Care

The core values of Alpharetta Smile Care
Alpharetta Smile Care truly believes in being ethical, treating patients with care, and improving every day. Watch this video to learn more about the core values of Alpharetta Smile Care near Alpharetta, GA by Dr. Doug Worful.

Hi there, I am Jennifer, and I am Camille. We are two registered dental hygienists at Alpharetta Smile Care, and we want to go over with you what our core values are.

We truly believe in being ethical. We take care of our patients the way we ourselves want to be treated.

We also believe in relationships and that the community matters. We build long-term relationships with our patients.

We also believe that dental health means more than just teeth. It also leads to a longer life span and includes our smile, attitude, the way we look and function with chewing, and most importantly, being pain-free.

We also pursue improvement. We continue our education and use better technology to help care for our patients.

Finally, we believe in doing good. We are blessed to have the skills to help others and volunteer, do mission work, and mentor.

Thank you for taking a minute to listen to our core values, and we hope to see you soon at Alpharetta Smile Care.

For me, Guatemala was a life-changing journey. It led me to realize I don’t have to travel to another country (or continent) to provide the care that makes such a difference in people’s lives. In addition to our now-annual mission trips to Guatemala (we’re at nine and counting!), we donate our time, talent, and treasure to the following groups, in support of their respective missions:

  • Routinely provide oral care to No Longer Bound patients recovering from substance abuse
  • Care for patients served by The Place of Forsyth County, which assists households with clothing, food, and other needs
  • Sponsorship of Cambridge, Milton, Creekview, and West Forsyth high school programs
  • Mentorship of several students as they explore careers in dentistry
  • Participate in local health fairs and 5-k running events that often have a fundraising component

Making a difference in the lives of others has made a considerable difference in my life. We remain committed to sharing our talents and skills for the betterment of the community. All of our neighbors, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserve healthy smiles and opportunities to improve upon their personal situations and circumstances.

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Building Relationships - Dr. Worful

Dr. Doug Worful

Smile with Confidence

Pictured here, Alpharetta Smile Care team donate their expertise and volunteer their time to help a member of our community smile with confidence (and without pain) again.

Community Day

Dr. Doug Worful is presented with a plaque for his commitment to the dental needs of men in the residential addiction recovery program, No Longer Bound.

Trip to Guatemala

Trip to Guatemala

Trip to Guatemala

Trip to Guatemala